deaPMGThe basics:
Deborah is an intuitive energy healer and the founder, president and CEO of Glow Forth Healing, LLC. She has received her Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice certificate through the Healing Touch Program. When practicing energy medicine, Healing Touch is her primary modality, but she also uses reiki and crystal healing techniques when called to. She works by appointment out of her healing studio in Old Town Alexandria, VA.

The journey:
Throughout her life, Deborah’s ongoing wish has always been to open up to and shine more light and positivity—into her own life, the lives of those around her, and the world at large. That vision of a “lighter life” for all has led to the healing work she does today; but the journey to get there wasn’t direct or immediate. The first path she took was to serve as a professional editor and writer, where for more than 20 years, she has helped authors, media outlets, businesses and nonprofits find their voices and express themselves to the wider world. Most recently, she is proud to be using her skills to help protect the Earth by creating writing and communication strategies for a respected environmental organization.

After many years as a successful writer/editor/creative strategist, something changed. Deborah found herself (quite unexpectedly) on a new, even more joyous path toward creating a “lighter life.” Throughout her adult life, she had always enjoyed trying many types of alternative healing practices, but she had never thought of doing any of them herself. And then suddenly, after some particularly intense sessions with an energy worker who specialized in Healing Touch, she began to feel very strongly that she was also meant to do this kind of work. After hesitating for a bit, she decided to follow her intuition (which has never led her astray!) and began training as an energy healer, taking reiki, Healing Touch, and crystal healing classes.

Very quickly, she realized she truly had found a new and very powerful calling. The work she was doing was bringing her clients some amazing results—helping many of them reduce or heal their pain, release stress, and feel lighter, happier, and more centered in body, mind and spirit. And just as amazingly, doing the work also brought her the same feeling of joy and balance in body, mind and spirit. When work feels like a celebration…that’s pretty special. So these days, Deborah knows she is on the right—and the light!—path in life. She realizes this is a very lucky place to be, and would like everyone in the world to eventually feel how terrific it is to be in that place. It is her great hope that the healing work she and her clients do together will help them create the same feeling within themselves, so it can continue to spread throughout the community—and the world.

To a lighter life for all!