I absolutely love what I do! The work itself is its own reward—but it’s especially humbling, gratifying, and joyful to hear back from clients about how good they feel after they leave a session. Here is just a small sampling of testimonials from wonderful folks who’ve experienced energy healing sessions with me*:

“It really is amazing to think I had headaches every day for 19 days, and on day 20 no headache. There’s nothing else to attribute this to but your work on me yesterday. Thank you so much for sharing your skill and care. You can’t imagine how much I appreciate the relief you effected.” —A.T., Arlington, VA


“Deborah Ackerman is wonderful! I look forward to treatments with her. They are incredibly relaxing and I benefit from the relaxed state for days. I also notice that I often experience good insight or solutions to difficult problems I am working on following a treatment. The work with Deborah seems to expand my creativity. An appointment with Deborah is one I am never late for!” —Tami Boehle-Satterfield, LGSW, Monkton, MD


“I went to Deborah for energy work because of aching in my hips. We talked about the stresses in my life and how I was looking for relief and balance. Deborah had a very calming, reassuring air about her. As she worked, life melted away and relaxation took hold. After a session I was ache free and feeling blissful! I will be back for more!” —Stephanie Taylor, Silver Spring, MD

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*Please note: every person experiences energy work differently and absorbs the work at a different pace, so your experience may be different from those above, even if you have similar conditions to those people have described. Testimonials appearing on this website represent individual cases and the opinions and observations of the individual posting the testimonial. They are not a guarantee that others will achieve similar results. (For a full disclaimer, visit this page.)